Sixth Form University Choices

Posted on 28th Jun 2018 in ESMS, Sixth Form

Although every year is a crucial one at school, most would agree that Sixth Form is perhaps the most important and unique in terms of each pupil’s academic journey. The ESMS Sixth Form provides a co-educational community where students learn to be responsible, independent and self-motivated, preparing for life and further study while contributing to life in the schools.

It is this self-motivation and effort that opens doors and creates opportunities and this year, our Sixth Formers have, to date, received over 730 offers to study at UK universities. Applications were made to all 26 Russell Group universities, and there were four Oxbridge candidates.

The joint ESMS Sixth Form of 2018 have seen some particularly unique achievements and interesting choices for their University Destinations.

The year group have applied for STEM subjects in far greater numbers and with an emphasis on vocational courses such as business, engineering, maths, economics, science. Significantly, these numbers are higher than ever for our Sixth Form girls. It is also noteworthy that this year the highest number of candidates have been recorded for mathematic courses in the 20 years since the co-educational Sixth Form was first established.

The range of courses applied to was vast, directly reflecting the breadth of education, diversity of interests, and aptitude of pupils at ESMS, some of which include; Astrophysics; Arabic and International Relations; Aerospace Engineering; Robotics; Sustainable Events Management; CGI and Visual Effects and Translation Studies with International Film.

The global outlook adopted at ESMS is reflected in the number of pupils each year who head off to institutions across the UK and abroad, including the United States, Ireland and the Netherlands. 

Last year, 98% of pupils gained entry to one of their universities of choice. With competition for places greater than ever, this is testament to the hard work and committment of our students themselves and to the teachers who support them. We wish this year’s candidates all the best as they eagerly await exam results and embark on their next step in life, whatever they choose.

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