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The Junior School

For girls and boys aged 3 - 11

We believe this is a time when children should not lose the joy of discovering the world outside - or the potential within themselves.

Here your child will be nurtured to become a happy and confident young person. Girls and boys will learn that if they always do their best they can be proud of themselves and their achievements. They will develop all aspects of their personality, preparing them for the next stage of their education with grace and integrity. 

Junior school

This fountain pen teaches children more than how to write beautifully

Setting high standards

Why teach children to shake hands when they meet new people? Because it shows good manners and respect for others. Why encourage children from Primary 6 to write with a fountain pen? Because it teaches them to present their work beautifully and to take pride in what they write and, by extension, to present themselves as best they can, and take pride in all that they do.

Safe and secure, but never wrapped up in cotton wool

From the day your son or daughter joins us, they will quickly learn that they are in a place where they belong, where they are secure and where they can grow into self-confident learners. But that does not mean they cannot be pushed within the limits of their ability. Jumping in puddles, climbing trees and getting wet are all part of the experience of our youngest children, while their older brothers and sisters use hammers and nails to make dens.

Literacy and numeracy

As you have every right to expect, we work hard to establish excellent literacy and numeracy standards early on. Both underpin the entire school curriculum, so it is essential that children have a firm grasp of these fundamental skills and understand why they matter. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, handwriting and tables all matter in our Junior School.

Teaching, supporting, guiding

The bond between teacher, child and parent is integral to what we achieve at the Junior School. Both inside and outside the classroom, our teachers show great dedication and professionalism as they support and guide the children in their care. There is also plenty of encouragement for parents work in partnership with our teachers.

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See for yourself

There is no better way to find out more than to come and see for yourself - meet us on a normal working day, meet the children and their teachers, experience for yourself an education unique in Scotland and see why we are proud to be different. We would be delighted to welcome you to our schools at any time.

Simply call Aoife Buckley the Admissions Secretary
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