2021 Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

Posted on 01st Dec 2021 in The Mary Erskine School

Georgina C

2021 Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

Congratulations to Georgina C (S5) who passed the Arkwright selection process to become an Arkwright Scholar for 2021/22. Through this scholarship Georgina will be sponsored by the Douglas Bomford Trust, who will provide her with many invaluable opportunities, including hands on work experience and a personal mentor to help support her studies and career planning.

Every year the Product Design Departments nominates pupils from S4 for the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships, to offer career-enhancing opportunities to their ‘brightest and best’ students, who are also interested in pursuing a career in Product Design, Engineering, Computing, or Technical Design.

This year 1297 hard-working students applied to the 2021 programme offering 289 scholarships. Two pupils from SMC and Two pupils from MES were among the 654 who beat the competition to reach the interview stage.

One of the things that stood out in Georgina’s application this year was the clear enthusiasm that she has for Product Design Engineering. As part of her application process, she showed a real passion for Design and Engineering that goes beyond her experience in school:

‘’I live on a working farm and help my dad on the farm with many projects. Recently we have been refurbishing one of our barns. This involved stripping back to the bare walls, constructing framework, insulating and cladding internal walls. We had to measure out the size and shape of the wood. I used a handheld circular saw, a mounted chop saw, a pneumatic nail gun and cordless drills. A lot of our farm machinery repairs regularly involves the use of electric arc welding which I have developed a real interest in. Farms tend to accumulate a lot of broken machinery parts which just sit around for years. As a result, I have been upcycling machine parts and old horseshoes... below you can see a photo of one of these products, i.e a boot rack. Another upcycled product that I have made includes a sausage dog figure out of two horseshoes, a hammer head and some reinforcing bar’’.

Mr Kevin Bowen 2.11.21

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