Dinner Table Discussions - Primary 6 Get Talking

Posted on 07th Feb 2018 in The Junior School

Primary 6 Year Group Leader, Jill Roxburgh, tells us about the introduction of Dinner Table Discussions to the Primary 6 timetable.

Finding time in our busy lives for a great family discussion can sometimes be tricky, but the Primary 6 boys and girls are thoroughly enjoying taking charge of their dinner table discussion.

Each week, as part of their homework, children are asked to discuss a particular topic at home in preparation for a full class discussion at the end of the week. Topics so far have ranged from 'John Lewis's decision to remove gender advertising from their clothing range' to 'What can be done to help protect our endangered habitats and oceans'.

Children have especially enjoyed delving into the more sophisticated ideas and concepts around some of the topics and many have returned to class with newspaper articles and videos to share with their peers.

Our lively Friday discussions are not only a great way to end the week, but are shaping the children’s intellectual curiosity and confidence. Having discussed each topic at home, the boys and girls are brimming with enthusiasm and opinions, eager to share with their peers.

“It's good to hear others' opinions and sometimes they help to change yours.”


Class Teachers are delighted to be part of the rich, in-depth discussion as the children learn to voice their views while developing a host of transferrable skills in communication.

The children are thoroughly enjoying this structured opportunity to discuss the world around them:

“It's quite hard to get all the family together, and I like introducing the discussion and getting everyone thinking and it's nice to have a chat with a focus, especially as I'm the one who gets to introduce it.”

“It's usually my mum and dad that talk to each other at the dinner table about things I can't join in with, but this makes us all join in and talk.”


Not only are the children learning to share their views, but as a famous figure once said, 'When you talk you only repeat what you know, but if you listen, you may learn something new.'

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