ESMS Biology Teacher Donates School Science Goggles to NHS

Posted on 23rd Apr 2020 in ESMS, Community

Science teacher and pupil doing a science experiment

Following an appeal for schools to donate science goggles and other apparatus to the NHS due to a nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), Sarah Horrix, an MES Biology teacher, was quick to think about how ESMS could help.

She said “…my brother is a doctor who works in Glasgow and during a family Zoom chat, he asked if the school had donated any science goggles to the NHS yet. I was surprised by the suggestion, as I didn’t think that school science goggles would be high enough quality to be used by the NHS. As it turns out, I was wrong!”

She contacted the PPE Department at the Western General Hospital, who made it clear that they would gladly take any goggles the schools could provide, as well as toiletries for NHS staff that Sarah had gathered from her own home. 

With the full support of ESMS and help from fellow staff members Matthew Beaton and Mark Corfield, Mrs Horrix filled her car with over 300 pairs of science goggles, several boxes of gowns, disposable gloves and additional toiletries from home.

These supplies were delivered directly to key workers at our local Western General Hospital, where the PPE will be held in stock until it is required or redistributed to other hospitals to help protect members of the NHS.

Thank you, Mrs Horrix for organising this delivery of vital equipment to those who need it most.

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