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Posted on 04th May 2020 in ESMS, Community, Stewart's Melville College, The Mary Erskine School, Sixth Form

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Following the country’s lockdown restrictions which have necessitated an adjustment to life at home without our friends and relatives, Bryan Lewis and the team in our Development Office have been working hard to create initiatives with the aim of keeping our community connected, whilst we are apart.

Here are just a few of the ESMS Community initiatives that we think you and your family might enjoy:

  1. Family Quiz

This is one for the whole family! An online family quiz is hosted every Tuesday evening from 8.00-8.45pm, to keep all ages entertained. Testing your general knowledge with a series of fun multiple-choice questions, see where your family lands on the leaderboard. There is no limit to the size of group that can take part or, if you are looking for more of a challenge, you are welcome to take part individually.

  1. Singalongs

Join Mr Skuse, Head of Junior School Music, with his piano for a singalong session via Zoom every Wednesday at 10.30am. Tje group sing along to everything from Loch Lomond to The Bare Necessities so there really is a song for everyone. The perfect uplifting way to start your Wednesday.

  1. Photo Competition

Do you or someone in your family have an eye for photography? Take part in our weekly photography competitions, designed purely to bring some fun and creativity into our lives. Every week we pick a new theme for our entries and both adults and children can enter as there is a dedicated category for each. Entries are now open for this week's competition, with the theme being 'architecture'. Make sure to submit your photo before 4pm on Thursday 7th May to enter. The photo attached to this article is from a previous theme: All Creatures Great and Small!

Please visit the ESMS Community Blog for more information on how to get involved with any of these initiatives.


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