ESMS Community Supports Local Foodbanks

Posted on 05th May 2020 in Community, ESMS

esms community helping local foodbanks

We are immensely proud of our ESMS community, who have really come together in this difficult time to help those that have been adversely affected by the coronavirus crisis. One of the incredible ways in which the ESMS community has offered its support, is through volunteering for and donating to their local food banks.

The economic impact of the coronavirus has left many people struggling to afford basic essentials so the need for supplies has never been greater. About 90 per cent of the food delivered by food banks is donated by the public, therefore donations really are vital.   

The Stops family have been working with David Roxburgh, ESMS’s Boarding Housemaster, to mobilise their neighbours, including SMC receptionist Lesley Johnson, to donate food to their local food bank.  Support is growing and Samuel (S6) and Libby (S3) managed to deliver three full car loads of food to the Community One Stop Shop in Broomhouse in their latest delivery.

Matteo Morbiato (S1) has also been volunteering for a local food bank alongside his mum, where he has been busy delivering fresh bread and organising its distribution to groups of vulnerable people in the community such as the elderly that are in isolation. 

There are food banks all over Edinburgh so if you are inspired by the Stops family and their neighbours or Matteo’s volunteering, here is some information below to help you find your local food bank and check what items are in most need.  

  1. Community One Stop Shop in Broomhouse
  2. Edinburgh North West and Edinburgh Central
  3. Edinburgh North East Foodbank
  4. Edinburgh South East Foodbank
  5. Edinburgh South West Foodbank
  6. East Lothian Foodbank
  7. Midlothian Foodbank
  8. West Lothian Foodbank
  9. Dunfermline Foodbank
  10. Falkirk Foodbank

To find foodbanks in other locations go to The Trussel Trust. Remember to follow government guidelines and stay distanced from others and wash your hands as soon as you return home.

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