ESMS Flying the Green Flag

Posted on 17th Nov 2021 in Community, ESMS, Charity

Action on sustainability is a big priority for ESMS this year and COP26 provided another great opportunity for our pupils to think about environmental issues across our schools. We always strive to include these issues in our learning and extra-curricular activities, but they have been of particular importance during the last couple of weeks. Here are just some of the things we got up to…

No litter bugs please!

Some of our S1 and S2 pupils at Stewart’s Melville College participated in a timed litter pick around the School over lunchtime. They had great fun racing against the clock to collect as much litter as they could.

Our S6 students also organised a litter pick at Silverknowes beach. A huge thank you to Boardwalk Beach Club who were so delighted with the clean beach that they rewarded our students with some juice and cake!

Getting creative
At The Mary Erskine School, S1 Art classes created placards as a result of their collaboration on the theme of influencing government. This followed a visit from the Modern Studies department to discuss pressure groups, a great example of cross-curricular activity.

SMC Eco stall

The SMC Aid and Eco Committee organised an Eco-stall where they raised £331 for WWF (World Wild Fund for Nature) and WLT (World Land Trust), by selling sweets, refillable water bottles, shampoo bars, plants, and bamboo toothbrushes. It was a great success and encouraged pupils and staff alike to reconsider which products they buy and how they can be more eco-friendly. The plants were even grown by our very own Green Fingers Club!

Our promises to the planet…

The graphic design department at SMC created a ‘Promise tree’ which was on show at reception throughout COP26. Pupils and staff could write down one thing they promise to do to help the climate crisis that we are facing. These were written on paper leaves handed out in Form Classes and placed on the tree.

At MES, pupils and staff were asked to write something they promised to do that would help the climate crisis on their ‘My Pledge to the Planet’ wall. We hope everyone sticks to their promises!

Potatoes into plastic

All S4 Chemistry students at MES have studied plastics as a topic in their National 5 course. As part of our COP26 activities they were asked to turn potatoes into plastic! They had great fun making plastic with different properties and it sparked important conversations about our use of single use plastics and where they come from.

Fun in the Library

Our Librarian at MES, Ms Christine, ran an 'Identify That Endangered Species' competition with Commendations for those who got the right answers. Pupils were able to work in the library to the soundtrack of bird song and other sounds of the natural world. Meanwhile notice boards kept pupils up to date with COP26 discussions.

Getting down to business

Accounting, Economic and Business Management pupils at MES and SMC were asked to research current initiatives by large corporations and Governments, addressing their impact on the global environment. Meanwhile the Business and Economics Society held a lecture on ‘The Impact of COP26 on the Global Economy.’  Thanks to Cameron L and Eliza T for their excellent presentations to students and staff.

In addition to the above, there were also staff raffles, quizzes and a whole host of other activities throughout our schools and incorporated into lessons. All our staff want to empower our pupils to be part of the changes we need to see to save our planet. We really hope all our pupils and staff will keep their promises and continue to lead by example.

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