ESMS Staff Member Working to Support NHS and Produce PPE

Posted on 07th Apr 2020 in Community, ESMS

matthew beaton uses 3d printer to create ppe for nhs

Following a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) across the country, Matthew Beaton, a member of our ESMS ICT Department, has been busy utilising an ESMS 3D printer to contribute to the nationwide effort to protect our key workers during the coronavirus pandemic through the production of robust face shields.

Running the printer for around 17-18 hours each day, starting production of the first headband when he wakes up and the last as he goes to bed, Matthew has been printing plastic headbands which are given to an organisation in South Queensferry to fit the bands with plastic film to create protective face shields.

Already heavily involved with a number of charities in South Queensferry, Matthew heard about Eli Jacks and the 3D Printing Collective’s newly launched PPE production line on social media. Matthew initially reached out to Mr Jacks with an offer to help distribute the visors and to make a donation to the cause, but on hearing that Mr Jacks was struggling to meet “overwhelming” demand, Matthew started to think about how he could print and supply additional headbands himself.

Refining the design over the course of a week, Matthew is now creating a more universal design for use across the UK which is self-tensioning, uses less plastic, and takes less time to complete. To date, Matthew has supplied over 30 bands from his home using the 3D printer from the Mary Erskine School Product Design Department.

NHS staff and food bank workers across Edinburgh and the Lothians are amongst the many groups in the frontline fighting COVID-19 who will directly benefit from the new PPE.

Well done Matthew and the whole team at South Queensferry 3D Printing Collective.

3D Printing Collective are currently inundated with requests. If anyone would like to find out how they can get involved or would like to make a donation, please visit their GoFundMe page here

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