ESMS Supports Run For Heroes Update: From Edinburgh to Lisbon!

Posted on 04th May 2020 in Community, ESMS, Charity

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Run For Heroes fundraising campaign so far, set up by a group of MES Former Pupils. We are so proud of Olivia, Alice and India who have so far raised more than £5 million for the NHS.

In support of RFH, the ESMS community have run 1,990km together in three weeks, further than the distance between Edinburgh and Lisbon, Portugal! We have also raised almost £1,800, which is 34% of our ESMS target. We hope that anyone who hasn't already might consider getting their trainers on, taking part and helping the girls raise even more money to support our amazing NHS.

The challenge is simple: run 5k, donate £5, and nominate 5 other people to take part. You don’t have to be an athlete to get involved and you can even walk your 5k. 

Please make sure to donate your £5 via our special ESMS Run For Heroes link that Olivia, Alice and India set up for us here, which will allow us to track the amount we raise as a community, and remember to join our Strava Club so we can continue to track our collective total distance run (just search for ESMS on Strava to find us). 

It has been really inspiring seeing photos of families and staff taking part, so please keep tagging us in your photos using #ESMSSupportsRFH. 

Thanks again everyone, let's keep going and see what destination we might reach next! 


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