Former Pupil Joshua Grant Tops Official Charts with 'Edinburgh' Single

Posted on 01st Jul 2020 in Former Pupil, ESMS, Music and Drama, Community

Former Pupil Joshua Grant, who only a short while ago was playing with his band at his ESMS leavers ceremony, recently topped both the Official Scottish Singles Chart and the iTunes Singer-Songwriter Chart with his new single ‘Edinburgh’.

Joshua’s ‘Edinburgh’ was inspired by his time spent away from home in New York earlier this year, where he had taken up an internship before his trip was cut short due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Josh told the Scottish Sun: “I missed home more than I thought. The sentiment came about when I was away, but I wrote in my bedroom during lockdown. It is a love letter to the city I grew up in and my experiences growing up here. The chorus is about missing my friends. We are all at different universities with different paths in life. I guess I just hope I never lose the friends I grew up with.”

After only releasing the track on the 12th of June, which includes special shout-outs to iconic Edinburgh spots such as Lothian Road, Morningside and George Street, ‘Edinburgh’ topped official charts, beating artists such as The Weeknd and Harry Styles to the top spots. Joshua even climbed the iTunes Official Charts, landing himself a top 10 single amongst artists like Lady Gaga.

Joshua wrote in a hand-written note to his Facebook followers: “Thanks to all of you I have achieved everything I ever dreamt of in terms of releasing ‘Edinburgh’. From the very bottom of my heart thank you to everyone who streamed, bought or shared the tune. To everyone who supported, this is as much your achievement as mine.”

Well done to Joshua for this fantastic achievement.

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