Head of Home Economics Sews Medical Scrubs from Home

Posted on 24th Apr 2020 in ESMS, Community

Mrs Campbell sews scrubs from home

Head of Home Economics, Mrs Jane Campbell, has been sewing medical scrubs from home. 

Mrs Campbell was approached by a friend who was unable to find any scrubs available to buy due to sudden high demand, as people return to the NHS from retirement. Mrs Campbell was able to source suitable fabric that is washable at 60 degrees and found patterns online that allowed her to create two sets of scrubs. While the first set took a little while to assemble, Mrs Campbell said the process was faster for the second.

Thank you, Mrs Campbell for inspiring us all from home.  

If you can sew and would like to get involved by starting to sew your own scrubs from home for healthworkers at this difficult time, follow these steps:
  • Firstly, we would recommend looking at For The Love Of Scrubs online and joining their Facebook group. This is a fantastic resource for up to date information regarding patterns, fabric suppliers, and arranging for your new scrubs to be collected by local volunteers. Mrs Campbell sourced her own pattern via this website, which you may also want to look at
  • Mrs Campbell also recommends watching some YouTube videos to get an idea of the process and techniques involved. The links to some videos she found most helpful are found here and here
  • Please remember that any fabric sourced should be washable at 60degrees. Shades of geen or blue tend to be the preferred colour choice as they are suitable for a wide range of healthworkers. Mrs Campbell noted that supermarkets will have a selection of sheets to purchase that would work well if your normal stockists are running low on stock
  • Give yourself lots of space to lay out your pattern once printed, and remember that there might be a slight margin around the edges of each page that needs trimming off before sellotaping the sheets of paper together.

We hope these tips are useful and you might feel inspired to create some scrubs of your own for our NHS. We would love to hear from you if are able to sew your own scrubs, please share any photos or updates with us by tagging @esmsedinburgh or using the hashtag #WeAreStillESMS. 



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