Head of The Mary Erskine School Senior School Announced

Posted on 20th Dec 2017 in The Mary Erskine School

Ms Kirsty Nicholson has been appointed to the post of Head of The Mary Erskine School Senior School to succeed Mrs Linda Moule, who will be assuming the role of Principal of ESMS in August 2018.

Ms Nicholson has taught Geography at both Stewart's Melville College and The Mary Erskine School, was a very successful Head of House at The Mary Erskine School and, through her role on the management team in charge of S1 and of Admissions for the whole school, has been very much a public face of the school in recent years.

Ms Nicholson will be working closely and supportively with Mrs Moule when both take on their new roles in the 2018/2019 academic session.

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