HMIe QUIPE Reports Released for MES & SMC

Posted on 05th Jun 2017 in Announcements, Stewart's Melville College, The Mary Erskine School

Eight inspectors from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education visited both The Mary Erskine School and Stewart’s Melville College from Monday 24 until Wednesday 26 April for a Quality Improvement and Professional Engagement (QUIPE) inspection, in which the inspectors aim to gain a flavour of what it is like to be a pupil at our schools . The inspectors were led by Alan Urquhart, our HMI Link Inspector, at Stewart’s Melville College, and by Lesley Johnstone, the Chief HM Inspector for the independent sector in Scotland, at The Mary Erskine School.

The outcome of the QUIPE visits to both schools was very positive and in a number of areas the schools were referred to as “sector-leading”. There were no areas of specific concern, although some suggestions were made for building on processes already established, refining what we do and encouraging pupils to have more of a voice in areas such as self-evaluation and in developing their learning.

Teaching and learning, pupil achievement, pastoral care, arrangements for child protection and safeguarding, governance, leadership and management, curricular provision, range, diversity and quality of the extra-curricular programme, provision of learning support, pupil conduct, attitudes and commitment were all singled out for praise. The principle of empowerment of others was repeatedly referred to as a strength and the work of both Senior Schools’ management teams was identified as very good indeed.  Inspectors warmed to the sense of community and collegiality in the schools, the excellent relations between teachers and pupils, the impact of our holistic educational philosophy underpinned by the school values, the very pleasant atmosphere in the schools and the courtesy, charm, confidence and communication skills of the pupils.

The schools are most grateful to parents for completing surveys in advance of the inspection and to those who spoke to the inspectors during the course of their visit. The reports from HMIe arising from the Quality Improvement and Professional Engagement (QUIPE) visits have now been published, and are presented in the form of a letter to parents on the Education Scotland website (

The Mary Erskine School’s Inspection Report can be read online here.

Stewart’s Melville College's Inspection Report can be read online here.


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