How to Keep Fit at Home

Posted on 04th May 2020 in The Junior School, Community, Sport

For those of us stuck at home during lockdown, exercising has never been more important. Staying active will help both physical and mental well-being. The recommendation for children is 60 minutes a day but this can be achieved in different ways – one big walk or short bursts of activity which might be easier to fit into a full day.

The PE Department is helping the ESMS Junior School stay active in the following ways:
  • Weekly Skill Challenges like the sock keepy up challenge where Mr Kane has made it to level 5 but has not quite caught up with Mr Dodge on level 7!
  • Weekly Fitness Challenges including the burpee challenge and tennis ball challenge for the Junior School at Ravelston
  • Weekly Staff Challenges including Mrs Lydon’s sock challenge and Miss Dempsey challenging us to stack as many toilet rolls in a tower in 1 minute as possible
  • Active Games for the family to get everyone moving, including a Super Hero dance routine
  • Healthy Eating ideas, such as fruit popsicles and silly animal toast recipes.

Mrs Johnston has prepared a special video for the newsletter that children can try at home, suitable for all ages! We'd love for you to have a go at home, just click this link

For more videos and activities, please check out the PE pages for your year group on Firefly:

Thank you to Mrs Johnston and Mr Burgess for all of their useful tips and fun videos.

Please share how you are getting involved with the challenges and keeping active on social media using the hashtag #ActiveESMS

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