Pride Month at ESMS

Posted on 18th Jun 2021 in ESMS, Community

LGBT group

Throughout the month of June, ESMS have been celebrating Pride Month both in and out of the classroom. 

The Mary Erskine School was awarded its LGBT Youth Scotland 'Gold Charter' Award in 2020 and Stewart’s Melville College is currently working hard to achieve this same recognition so celebrating our LGBTQ+ community has become an important part of school life but Pride month provides the opportunity to raise further awareness.

Ms Caddow, a member of the LGBT Champions Group at SMC, said “Pride continues to be an important month for the LGBT+ community as it allows us to celebrate how far we’ve come but also gives us the opportunity to give a voice to our LGBT+ community living in parts of the world where they are still striving for equality.”

During this month, the Pride flag has been flying proudly at both SMC and MES, while a number of initiatives have taken place across the schools:

  • Both libraries have created displays showcasing LGBT fiction and non-fiction
  • S1 Form Classes at SMC have been asking students to write supportive messages on Pride flags and display them in their rooms
  • Displays across ESMS departments celebrate the LGBT community, for example in Product Design showing products that have been designed and manufactured by some of the large global brands that make significant financial contributions to LGBQT+ charities and communities
  • Organising Pride picnics outdoors to support the LGBT Youth Scotland fundraising campaign.

For information on LGBT Youth Scotland run support, click here.


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