Royal Bank of Scotland Challenge: Wedding Planning for Prizes

Posted on 09th Mar 2015 in Stewart's Melville College, The Mary Erskine School, Competitions

On Wednesday 4 March, thirty six pupils from Stewart's Melville College and The Mary Erskine School descended on The Mar Hall to participate in the annual ESMS RBS Challenge. Representing all six Houses, the visiting RBS team briefed the pupils on the task - to prepare a tender to win the contract for a large wedding. The teams worked tirelessly for three hours, each taking on a specific role including Managing Director, Finance Director and Marketing Director and dividing the tasks up to ensure they completed it on time. 

The task tested the pupils' "soft skills" to the limit - leadership, teamwork, task and time management to name but a few - key attributes in today's highly competitive higher education and employment market. A future in Marketing is clearly a possibility for several of the participants with slogans such as "You set the mood, we do the food", "Making our customer's dreams a reality" and "We will make your Big Day unforgettable" setting the tone for the day. After a stressful morning and six slick, professional presentations, "Charlie's Catering" from Ettrick House emerged victorious with their 1920s themed wedding offering. Congratulations to Sam Goldsmith, Cameron Fulton, Charlie Finnie, Alice Baxter, Eilidh Cane and Sabrina Black on their victory.

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