Top 5 Tips to Make the Clock Change Easier for your Child

Posted on 25th Oct 2019 in ESMS, The Junior School, Community

Are you ready for the clocks to ‘fall back’ this Sunday?

Our Deputy Head (Early Education), Mrs Alison Lydon, knows that the clocks changing in spring and autumn can easily disrupt your child’s sleep schedule. Mrs Lydon has some top tips for parents that she’d like to share with the ESMS Community, which could help make the transition easier for everyone!

1) Start moving routines earlier. Making dinner, bath, story and bedtime just 10 minutes earlier each evening will help. Remember, this will mean an earlier wake up time too.
2) Keep your routines consistent to prepare children for bed. If you rely on specific TV programs, use technology to help.
3) Use light and dark to your advantage. Black out blinds will reduce the impact of lighter mornings. Exposure to light until an hour before bed will help combat tiredness.
4) Remember that overtired children find it harder to fall asleep. Plan a busy enough weekend to help your child fall asleep, but not overtire them.
5) Don't be tempted to stay up late an extra hour yourself. You need your sleep as although you may be prepared, your little person may have other ideas!

We hope these simple changes might help your family settle into a new routine more easily. 

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