Transition to Secondary School: S1's Top Tips

Posted on 23rd Jun 2022 in ESMS, The Junior School

Top tips for transition to secondary school

The transition from primary to secondary school is a very exciting time for many children. However, it is also completely natural for children to feel scared or anxious about this next big step. At ESMS, we invest a lot of time in supporting our pupils through this transition, helping them to adapt and familiarise themselves with their new environment long before they make the move. 

However, despite all the preparation we do at ESMS, we know this is still a big change for pupils. To help your child find their feet in the senior school, we spoke with our current S1s to find out their top tips to help make your child’s transition just that little bit easier:

  • Use your locker effectively and keep your subjects’ materials together and neat
  • Get involved! Sign up to as many clubs as you can at the start of term and try something new – you can always sign out later
  • Don’t overpack your bag – just bring what you need. It can be helpful to put your timetable on the fridge to make packing easier, using this to pack your bag the night before
  • Make as many friends as possible and be there for each other. You’re all going through the same change together
  • Bring a substantial snack – lunch is a little later than you might be used to
  • Lastly, everyone’s friendly and you can ask anyone for help or just come to see S2 and we’ll be happy to help!

Starting secondary school is an exciting milestone, offering amazing opportunities for your child to develop new friendships, build their confidence and try new things. We hope that your child has a fantastic time as they embark on the next chapter of their ESMS journey, and we know that both our senior school teachers and pupils can’t wait to welcome in lots of new faces after the summer break.

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