Learning and Teaching

World-class education for world-class children

Our children benefit from excellent teaching standards. At ESMS, we still believe the basics matter so we retain a focus on literacy and numeracy.

  • Children are allocated to ability sets in Mathematics from Primary 4-7 as we believe this structure offers children of all levels of mathematical ability the best opportunity to become confident and competent in all areas of Mathematics
  • Our most able mathematicians participate in competitions in Primary 6 and 7
  • Science is taught throughout the Junior School and by the time they reach Primary 7, children are working in a Senior School Science laboratory, taught by a specialist Science teacher
  • We concentrate on handwriting skills from Primary 1. Cursive handwriting is introduced during Primary 3 and all children learn to use a fountain pen in Primary 6
  • We teach our children that spelling always matters and offer a wide variety of activities and equipment to help children improve their spelling
  • We develop reading comprehension through close reading
  • We broaden children’s awareness by introducing them to a variety of authors, including Shakespeare and a variety of styles and genres
  • All children are entitled to educational provision which enables them to achieve their full academic potential. The Support for Learning Department supports boys and girls of all intellectual abilities through small group teaching, in-class support and advice to teachers  

We are happy to discuss Learning and Teaching methods and can do this during a visit to school or please feel free to email or call us with any questions you may have on admissions@esms.org.uk or +44(0)131 311 1111.