girls hug during hockey match

Why choose an all girls' school?

The benefits of an all girls' education

At The Mary Erskine School we offer the best rounded education for girls in Edinburgh. As a diamond school the girls begin their education in our co-educational Junior School where they establish lasting friendships with the opposite sex.  As they reach their teenage years the girls move to The Mary Erskine School which allows us to nurture the girls, build confidence and encourage them to explore their passions, free from the constraints of gender stereotypes.

The house system and many of our extra-curricular activities are twinned with Stewart’s Melville College, including trips, concerts, orchestras and performing arts. This ensures that girls and boys continue to maintain their friendships and develop their social skills. At Sixth Form The Mary Erskine School and Stewart’s Melville College children come back together to help our pupils prepare for life beyond school. This diamond structure allows girls to thrive by giving them only the best aspects of co-education and single sex education.

With an all girls' education at The Mary Erskine School our girls:

  • Have the opportunity to find themselves and their voices, ignore stereotypes and become confident young women
  • Are encouraged to be ambitious, to set high standards for themselves and learn leadership skills, making them ready to take their place in society as strong leaders and role-models for future generations of girls
  • Feel more confident at choosing subjects which they enjoy and are good at without being influenced by their peers or thinking that there are certain subjects that are more suited to boys than girls
  • Have the freedom to focus academically without distractions - at The Mary Erskine School 67.1% of all Higher entries were at Grade A in the last academic session.