Fees for academic year 2019/2020

Tuition fees for day pupils as well as weekly and full time boarding fees for the coming school year can be found in the table below.

All fees are annual and can be paid either by monthly direct debit or up front for the full year before the first day of term, in which case a payment discount of 1.5% will be applied. 

Annual Tuition Fees 2019/2020

   Day Pupil fees Full time boarding Weekly boarding
 Nursery to P3  £8,694 n/a n/a
 Primary 4 to 7  £9,741 £22,245 (available from P6) £21,621 (available from P6)
 Secondary  £12,423 £24,927 £24,303

Fee assistance in the form of bursaries is available from Primary 7, whilst Scholarships can be awarded to pupils from S1. We also offer information regarding additional Independent Advice. Parents naturally want to know if there will be extra expenses in addition to the annual school fee; answers can be found on relevant pages by following these links:

Additional Information

  • Termly boarding available from £7,415 per term 
  • Boarding is available to children from Primary 6 (age 10) upwards
  • Children in Nursery bring their own lunch to school
  • Children from Primary 1 – 7 are provided with lunch. This costs £618 per year
  • Lunch is optional in Senior School and costs between £481 and £618 per year
  • We are an Early Learning and Childcare Partner Provider for City of Edinburgh Council
  • Parents of children eligible for the Early Learning and Childcare Grant will receive a maximum of £2,340 paid in termly instalments, depending on the child's date of birth*
  • Third child fee reduction: a third child's fees will be reduced by an amount equivalent to 25% of the eldest child's fees, assuming all three children are attending our family of schools

*Please note that we will be withdrawing from this partnership with the Local Authority in August 2020 and sadly, the relevant funding which this entails. This is a decision which we have not taken lightly, however, we are committed to maintaining the excellent staff to children ratios of care; the resources and the presence of a qualified Class Teacher in each of our pre-school rooms which our parents expect here at ESMS and which could not occur under the new proposals. If you would like more information, please contact Mrs Russell at nursery@esms.org.uk.