Preparation for School

Preparing children for a smooth transition from Nursery to Primary 1

We know that saying goodbye to your teacher and moving up the school can be daunting. At ESMS we take time to support our children through these big changes. Our Nursery rooms for four year olds are staffed by highly qualified teachers and practitioners who make sure that whilst the children are having fun and making friends, they are also developing the necessary physical, academic and social skills they will need for school.  This means that they won’t have to undergo a formal assessment to get into Primary 1 and they can start school with confidence, ready to embrace all of the opportunities. 

Our dedicated Early Years building was designed with transition from Nursery to Primary 1 in mind. The children start their morning walking up the path together, coming in the same entrance. Spaces such as our Dining Rooms, Forest Kindergarten and Library are shared and the same team of specialist teachers work with both Nursery and Primary 1 children, providing another familiar face. All of this ensures that when the time comes to make the journey into school, they feel safe and confident in their surroundings.

Girls in classroom

" The transition from Nursery to school was seamless. Our daughter has taken to school like a duck to water"

Parent of a Primary 1 Child

In the term before they start Primary 1, children begin a more formal transition process. Primary 1 teachers regularly pop into Nursery rooms, to read stories, share Learning Books and enjoy a 1:1 chat with their class to be. Rooms are provided with school uniforms and bags for role play and for children who are asking about letters and numbers, the class teacher is on hand to ensure these are introduced correctly. Visits to their next classroom are eagerly anticipated and allow Nursery children to gain an insight into what will happen next. Some children take all of this in their stride, others require a little more support and teachers work closely with each child to make sure every Nursery child is ready to embrace the next stage of their ESMS journey.

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