Primary 1-3

First class Early Years education

Owl Magic in the Junior School

Based at our Ravelston site, boys and girls from Primary 1 to Primary 3 are taught in a happy, stimulating and welcoming environment.  From the very first day that your child crosses the threshold of our school, we will get to know them individually and help them to be the best they can be as they become important members of our school community. 

We pay careful attention to the individual personalities of every child, helping the boisterous to channel their energies constructively and encouraging the shy to blossom. We want to instil in every child a sense of wonder and excitement and develop their self-confidence, their imagination and their spirit of adventure.

Our ambition is that every day, every child should be able to go home and say, 'I loved school today.'


Each child identifies with their own class and has their own year group play areas where they mix only with children of the same age.  There is a a high staff-to-child ratio as well as specialist teachers for subjects including PE, Drama, Digital Learning and Music. We also offer an extensive wraparound care service which is available from 7.45am-6pm in our purpose-built After School Centre. 

Our lower Junior School environment is warm and friendly,  our commitment to the school values has already been instilled in our very youngest children and our parents tell us the most important thing they see every day are the values combined with the happy environment.

If you are considering a Junior School place for your child, we would be delighted to show you around. Contact us on or 0131 311 1115, or find out more about Junior School Admissions.