Why choose an all boys' school?

The benefits of an all boys' school

At Stewart's Melville College we are committed to single-sex education at senior school. Young children enjoy each other's company when they are playing and learning together in the classroom but as they move into secondary education and become teenagers boys and girls can inhibit each other.

The boys of Stewart's Melville College are proud to be boys and they understand the importance of academic success. High academic and personal standards are assumed and boys are challenged at all times to set their expectations very high.

5 reasons to choose an all boys' education at Stewart's Melville College:

  • We offer the boys academic challenges which reflect their natural way of learning. They respond with enthusiasm to inspirational leadership, they value competition and they perform at their best when they grow up in an environment in which only their best is good enough.
  • Boys are able to be themselves, developing their interests and talents in subjects and areas which may not fit traditional gender stereotypes
  • Boys learn differently from girls. The staff at Stewart's Melville College understand how boys learn and the school environment is designed solely with the needs of teenage boys in mind
  • We instill strong values in our boys and our nine school values - respect, kindness, integrity, grace, responsibility, commitment, enthusiasm, appreciation and confidence - underpin everything we do in school, thus allowing the boys to become compassionate and caring young men
  • While the boys enjoy the academic advantages of single-sex education they also benefit from the social gains of mixing with the girls of The Mary Erskine School through the shared House system and combined activities including trips, concerts, bands and orchestras, performing arts and many others

Throughout their time at Stewart's Melville College, the boys are afforded the time and space to develop into outstanding young men after which their co-educational Sixth Form year then prepares them for University and the wider world.