Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning in one of the largest outdoor Nursery play spaces in Edinburgh

Children in our Nursery enjoy spending time exploring the amazing Nursery gardens. The excitement that children feel outside, the wonder and curiosity all serve to enhance and stimulate their learning in many areas of the curriculum.

Whilst this may look like ‘just play’, our children are not only learning but also developing their creativity and problem solving as well as their core strength and fine motor control skills to help them with the next stage of their education. No day is the same, however, rain or shine our children enjoy:

  • Exploring with water, making puddles and jumping in them
  • Digging and ‘cooking’ with mud and natural objects
  • Mark making in a variety of ways
  • Building and balancing, sliding and climbing using a wide range of loose parts
  • Exploring our tunnels and bridges with their friends

Forest Kindergarten

To allow our children to explore wilder areas, Nursery children have the chance to take part in our Forest Kindergarten initiatives. These take place outdoors in specially developed wild areas of our extensive school grounds and are supported and encouraged by one of our many trained ‘Forest Kindergarten’ leaders. 

Through Forest Kindergarten, the children learn to explore nature, overcome physical challenges, test their commitment and their resolve, build their confidence and have fun with their friends in the great outdoors.  

Activities include:

  • Comparing, collecting, sorting and building with natural objects
  • Creating ‘Art’ using natural materials and often lots of mud!
  • Den and bridge building
  • Tree climbing
  • Learning to respect and appreciate the environment

Get in Touch

The best way to find out about our Nursery is to come along for a visit. Contact our Admissions Manager, Cally Graham, to book a personal tour: