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Independent Advice

Budgeting, paying and protecting school fees

Funding a child's education at an independent school involves significant financial outlay. Here we offer some suggestions for people to contact if you want help with budgeting, paying and protecting school fees. 

Independent fee advice

Whatever your financial situation, it is sensible to consider ways of mitigating the impact of fees on your income.

Under the terms of the Financial Services Act, we cannot give any specific investment advice, but we can provide a list of banks and reputable independent financial consultants who should be able to provide appropriate guidance. If your child is not eligible for school fee assistance or a scholarship, there may be other organisations that can help.

Charitable Trusts

A number of Educational and Charitable Trusts will consider providing fee assistance, but generally only in cases of very clear and genuine need. Eligibility and award criteria vary so it is best to contact the individual trusts directly. You can find a list at and the Directory of Grant making Trusts (ISBN 9781906294342) provides a comprehensive guide.

For more information, call the School Bursar on 0131 347 5750

Employer Allowances

Some companies and Government departments, including the Ministry of Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Office, provide allowances to enable the children of their staff to attend boarding schools in the UK. You should contact your employer to find out what they offer.

School Fees Payment Protection

You may decide to take out an insurance policy that protects you against any inability to pay fees due to, for example, death, accident, illness or redundancy. These policies are available from various insurance companies and brokers. When your child joins our schools we will also offer you information about the School Fees Trust Scheme, which provides suitable cover.

For more information about where you can go for independent advice, please call the School Bursar on 0131 347 5750.