Primary 1-7

Applying for an ESMS Junior School place

There are always a number of places available for entry to each year-group from Primary 1 to 7, the main entry points being at Primary 1 (15 to 20 spaces) and Primary 6 (about 50 spaces). Assessments take place throughout the session but, as all places in particular year groups are often allocated by January, early application is strongly advised. However, there can be late vacancies and so it is always worth getting in touch with our Admissions Manager, Hannah Ireland by email (, or via the Junior School Reception (+44(0)131 311 1115), who will be happy to provide up to date advice.

We are very pleased to assess children for entry to ESMS Junior School at any stage from Nursery to Primary 7 and there are excellent reasons for joining the school as early as possible. However, we do recommend that parents whose main aim is to ensure that their children obtain places towards the top of the Junior School prior to moving to S1 apply for entry to Primary 6 rather than Primary 7. We have approximately 50 spaces available for Primary 6 entry but only between 5 and 10 in Primary 7 which inevitably means disappointment for a large number of families.

Settling in and building friendships

We believe Primary 6 is an ideal time to join ESMS Junior School for both social and educational reasons as this ensures that new children have two years to become familiar with life in our school before moving confidently into their respective senior schools at the end of Primary 7.  We form new classes at the start of Primary 6 by mixing up our own Primary 5 children and adding new ones which means that new boys and girls find it particularly easy to settle in. They then spend two years in the Junior School building friendships with boys and girls with whom they will collaborate in orchestras, choirs, sport, drama performances, outdoor education, language exchanges and social events throughout their senior school years.

Making sure the children are prepared

Meanwhile our teachers have two years to ensure that all the children who join at the start of Primary 6 are well prepared in terms of their learning and that they understand and are comfortable with our expectations before they leave Primary 7. This often includes filling in any gaps in new children's learning which we identify during their entrance assessments in Mathematics and Language so that we, as well as the children and their parents, can be confident that their basic understanding of all areas of Language and Mathematics is as secure as possible at the point of transition.

Entrance assessments can be arranged at any time during the school year and, for overseas applicants or those some distance from Edinburgh, we will send out entrance papers to be administered in the applicant's current school.

How to apply

Click the Apply Now button below to complete our application form. Once you have submitted your form a member of our admissions staff will contact you to discuss your application.  Please note that an application fee of £70 per child will be taken in the final step of the application process. Please have your debit or credit card ready. 

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