Careers Advice

Targeted career advice and support for every girl

We offer an extensive Careers Advice programme which helps girls make informed choices about life after school.

While the Careers programme is primarily the responsibility of the Head of Careers, many other people are involved, including the Heads of House, Assistant Heads of House, the Management team, Sixth Form Tutors, The Inspiring Future, Universities and Emplyers. 

The Mary Erskine School has an extensive Careers Library and online resources to enable girls to research their chosen careers.  There is no substitute for meeting people from various professions when making career choices and girls have extensive opportunities to do so throughout their school careers.  

S1:  All girls participate in Take your daughter to work day:  girls are given the opportunity to go to work for a day with one of their parents.

S2:  All girls participate in The Real Game, a simulation ‘played’ during PSE where girls find out what their lives would be like if they opted to choose different careers.   This is immediately followed by the S2 Careers Afternoon (girls are surveyed about what professions they would like to follow in the future and we invite guests from those chosen professions along to a careers afternoon to be interviewed by the girls).  This all takes place before subject choice times.

S3:  Girls are taught how to use the coaching model to make informed life choices.

S4:  Every girl has the opportunity to undertake a psychometric profiling test.  They are then interviewed by a trained Careers Advisor from the Inspiring Futures Foundation.  They also receive PSE lessons on post 16 options and have the opportunity to attend our Annual Careers Convention.  Our Annual Careers Convention is open to all our senior pupils(S4-S6) and has over 50 representatives from Scottish, English and International universities and various employers

S5:  Each girl has the opportunity to attend Careers lunches to meet people from different fields of work.  FPs and representatives from universities including Cambridge and Princeton give individual talks.  Each girl will have the opportunity to undertake 2 weeks of work experience.  If the girl studies languages she has the opportunity to take part in work experience exchanges with pupils from France and Germany.  Nearly all our leavers progress to Higher Education and we host a UCAS information evening to help them with this process.  They also receive talks from representatives from universities on university life. For the few girls that do not progress to Higher Education extensive support is given to them to apply for apprenticeships.  Girls are also fully prepared for life after school by having lessons from an HR consultant on writing CVs.  The girls also have a number of talks from ‘Inspiring women’ in the summer term.

We have recently introduced ESMS Connect, an online networking platform for our Sixth Form boys and girls and for our Former Pupils, allowing them to connect with more experienced members of our school community for mentoring, support and advice.