Sport at ESMS Junior School

Sport for Everyone

Our large number of teams means that boys and girls who want to play a particular sport simply to have the opportunity to be part of a team and play in competitions are able to do so. Everyone is encouraged to take part, regardless of their level of ability, and to have fun while playing their chosen sport.

In addition to an unparalleled number of sports and teams for our children to enjoy as part of our core Games programme, we also offer a wide range of additional sports to try, through our extra-curricular clubs programme. We encourage children to strive for excellence in sport, but our primary goal is for children to enjoy the camaraderie and the healthy lifestyle which sport offers. It is a relationship which goes beyond the Junior School, into the Senior Schools and through to our FP club, where friendships are forged which can last a lifetime.

International Coaching

We are particularly proud of the launch of Girls’ cricket for Primary 5-7 girls which we did in partnership with Scottish Women’s Cricket and our and the FP Cricket Club. This has enabled over 60 girls to receive weekly coaching from international coaches.

Finding the Sport for You

Sports opportunities available to children in our Junior School include:

Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, Swimming, Rugby for boys, Skiing, Netball, Football, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary Jazz, Ballroom Dancing, Acro, Cheerleading and Street Dance, Tennis for girls, Badminton, Golf, Cross-country, Bikeability and Fencing.

Find Out More

While the sporting successes are fantastic, the children are encouraged to learn from and appreciate both winning and losing.

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