Celebrating LGBT at Stewart's Melville College and ESMS

At Stewart’s Melville College we want every aspect of school life to be inclusive and free from prejudice.

We work hard to create a culture of inclusion and ensure that every child feels safe, included and valued. We have a strong LGBT community, supported by members of staff and a school counsellor who help our LGBT pupils take pride in their identify and support them in the issues they face.

LGBT Youth Scotland’s Schools Charter

The LGBT Youth Scotland's Schools Charter is a programme that supports and guides Schools and Education Authorities on their journey to LGBT equality and inclusion. Stewart’s Melville College earned their Gold Charter Award in 2022.

As part of the work to achieve this award, a number of new initiatives have been introduced at SMC to support the School’s LGBT community and to create a more inclusive culture, across the Learning environment.  Positive changes already undertaken by our LGBT group include:

  • Introducing compulsory staff training
  • Reviewing policies across the School
  • Increased inclusion of LGBT issues across our curriculum
  • Circulating student and staff surveys for feedback
  • Reviewing books available in the SMC Library
  • Celebrating dates in the LGBT calendar across the school
  • Listening to pupil voices
  • Changing the title “Head Boy” to “School Captain”

In order to make school a place where pupils feel safe being themselves, SMC uses surveys to get feedback from pupils and staff about diversity and inclusion. This has been used to bring in new initiatives to educate people on the topic and increase awareness of LGBT news and events. Discussions about the LGBT community take place in all year groups to allow people to not feel isolated at school. I’m proud of the way the school continues to strive to provide a welcoming environment for all pupils. 

Robin P, School Captain 2021/22

For more information about LGBT Youth Scotland visit www.lgbtyouth.org.uk/charter  

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club

At Stewart’s Melville College the GSA club is a pupil-led group set up to create a safe space for our students. It provides a strong network for students, helping them to feel more comfortable within the school and offering support with any issues they have. As well as offering practical support, the club is also working hard on raising awareness of LGBT issues in order to help create a more open-minded and inclusive school environment. They often think of events that they can involve themselves in to raise money for LGBT charities. The club is passionate in ensuring that Stewart’s Melville College is an inclusive and happy school for everyone. If you would like to come along to the GSA club or find out more information on what we do as a group, please contact: kcaddow@esms.org.uk

LGBT Groups and Support

For information on LGBT Youth Scotland run support, click here.