7 Ways ESMS Nursery Prepares Children for Primary School

Posted on 10th Apr 2024 in The Junior School, ESMS

Transitioning from Nursery to Primary School can be a big step for children, but in our dedicated Pre-School Nursery room (also known as our Nursery room for four-year-olds), we've crafted a seamless journey to ensure they step into primary education confidently. Here's how we do it: 

1) Unified Start: Each morning, children walk up the path together, with our Pre-School Nursery children and Primary 1s entering through the same entrance. This routine fosters a sense of community and familiarity, making them feel safe and confident in their environment from day one. 

2) Highly Qualified Staff: Our Nursery rooms for four-year-olds are staffed by highly qualified teachers and practitioners. While children have fun and make friends, they're also developing essential physical, academic, and social skills necessary for school. 

3) Shared Spaces: Spaces like Dining Rooms, Games Hall, Forest Kindergarten, and the Library are shared between Nursery and Primary 1 children. This shared experience creates a sense of continuity and comfort as they transition from one stage to the next. 

4) No Formal Assessments: Children already in our Nursery, don't usually undergo formal assessments to enter Primary 1. Instead, they're nurtured in a supportive environment where they naturally acquire the confidence and readiness needed for school. 

5) Specialist Teachers: A consistent team of specialist teachers works with both Nursery and Primary 1 children. Seeing familiar faces throughout their journey provides stability and reassurance during the transition process. 

6) Getting Familiar with Primary 1: In the term before starting Primary 1, children engage in a more formal transition process. Our Primary 1 teachers interact with Nursery children, read stories, share learning materials, and provide insight into what to expect in the next stage. 

7) Tailored Support: Every child's transition journey is unique. Some take it in their stride, while others need more support. Our teachers work closely with each child to ensure they're ready to embrace the next stage of their educational journey. 

And the joy of this strategy? It all happens completely behind the scenes. For our children, their fun at Nursery is uninterrupted! They continue to thrive, blissfully unaware that they are being equipped with the skills, confidence, and readiness to thrive in Primary 1. 

We have limited spaces available in our Pre-School Nursery room for an August 2024 start. Find out more about ESMS Nursery here, or get in touch today with our Admissions team to arrange a tour:  
Email: jsadmissions@esms.org.uk 
Tel: +44(0)131 311 1115 

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