Stepping up: P7s Share the Importance of Preparation

Posted on 25th Mar 2024 in The Junior School, Outdoor Education

Each year, the rugged terrain of the West Highland Way becomes a classroom for Junior School students, where they not only challenge themselves physically, but also embark on an ambitious fundraising campaign to raise money for charitable causes.

The West Highland Way, spanning 96 miles through the picturesque Scottish Highlands, demands endurance, determination, and resilience. For these students, it's not just about completing the trail; it's about making a difference through their efforts. This year’s P7s have already broken the School’s fundraising record.

We caught up with three of the P7 students to hear about how they’re preparing for the monumental trek ahead.

Mark, one of the 26-strong team, shares his excitement about the upcoming adventure: “Taking part in the West Highland Way means quite a lot because ever since my mum told me about the challenge when I was in P3, I have been hoping I would be lucky enough to get a place.”

Training for such a feat requires dedication and discipline. Amber knows the importance of preparation: “I am doing lots of walks with my friends who are also doing the challenge, as well as my family. I will be doing flat walks around Edinburgh as well as hiking in the Pentlands to get ready for the steeper climbs.”

For Nora, the journey is more than physical; it's about getting to know other people in her year and building her teamwork skills: “I thought it would be a good challenge for me. I am quite sporty, and I was willing to take on the challenge. It is also a great way to get to know other people in the year and that would make it easier in Senior school as well.”

The West Highland Way challenge not only tests the students' physical abilities but also nurtures their empathy and compassion. Through fundraising efforts, they aim to make a meaningful impact on their community.

“The West Highland Way Group recently did a bake sale near Murrayfield during the Six Nations; we raised over £2,000.” Amber explains. “Taking part in the WHW allows me to push myself out of my comfort zone, take part in a new challenge with friends while raising money for a great charity, CHAS.”

Mark echoes this sentiment, adding, “I also love raising money for charity because it fills me with joy and happiness knowing it will help others.”

As they gear up for the journey ahead, Nora reflects on what’s to come: “I am looking forward to becoming more fit but I am also looking forward to all the activities we are doing in between walks, as well as making new friends. I think the hardest part will be the second day because we have not quite gotten used to walking that far and waking up that early but also it is the day that we walk the farthest.”

As they set off on their adventure, our Primary 7s will have the whole of the ESMS community behind them and the knowledge that their efforts will be making a difference to the lives of others.

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