primary 1 children in class together

Primary 1 Assessment Week

Assessment Week Begins Monday 10th January, 2022

The Primary 1 Assessment at ESMS Junior School is a 40 minute fun activity session. A friendly and experienced teacher will spend time with your child, getting to know them so we can gauge their educational needs.

Whether you have a curious scientist, a creative artist, a thoughtful philosopher or a reflective peacemaker, we will make sure your child has a fun time during their time with us.

What will we assess?

The assessment will not feel like a test, as they enjoy games, activities and puzzles with a member of staff who will get to know your child whilst having fun together.  We are not looking for children who can read or write. We are simply looking to see how they ask questions, follow instructions, listen carefully and communicate with us. Activities we use focus on the skills children will be undertaking at home and Nursery such as:

  • Memory and recall
  • Sequencing, matching, counting and sorting
  • Vocabulary and comprehension
  • Fine motor skills, such as cutting, threading, building, drawing
What can I do to prepare my child?

Nothing! All we want to do is to get to know your child and make sure there are no specific needs that we cannot meet. They will not be asked to read or write so there really is nothing you need to do, except discuss what will happen with your child so they are not worried on the day. Explaining that they will meet one of our teachers and will go and play some games with them like the big boys and girls do should help to put your child at ease and build a gentle excitement about the day.

How do I book a place?

To book a spot for your child to join us during Assessment Week, please contact Mrs Ireland, our Admissions Manager, who will liaise with you to find a time that suits you and your family best on or 0131 311 1115.

We recommend doing this before the 15th of December in order to secure your preferred time slot.

Book your slot today

On the day information 
Parents are welcome to park in our carpark at Craigleith Rise (EH4 3LF).
Parents should come to our purpose built Early Years centre, Easter Ravelston, where you will be met by Mrs Alison Lydon, our Deputy Head of Early Years Education, responsible for all our Nursery, Primary 1, 2 and 3. We would be happy to send you a map. Just contact or 0131 311 1111
While your child is being assessed parents are invited to come and have a coffee with Mrs Lydon who would welcome any questions. You will also be able to pop along and have a look at what our Primary 1 children are up to.
A number of  COVID safety measures will be in place during assessment mornings, including hand sanitising stations on entry and leaving any room or space and dedicated entrance and exit points for every room to reduce cross contamination. Each assessment will take place in a freshly sanitised, well ventilated area. Your child is welcome to wear a covering but does not have to.