Care, Guidance & Communication

At Erskine Stewart's Melville Schools the education and happiness of the children in our care is our greatest priority

The Housemaster and staff provide excellent pastoral care; supporting the children, keeping them safe and guiding them through life as a boarder, a teenager and a pupil at ESMS.

Our Boarding Housemaster, Mr Roxburgh, lives in Dean Park House with his wife, children and dog Rocky.  Together with additional staff, Mr Roxburgh helps the children to learn time management, responsibility, how to take care of themselves and how to get along with others whilst affording the children an appropriate degree of freedom and independence.  They eat with the children at mealtimes, chat with them in the communal areas and discuss and plan outings with the children for the weekends.

To support academic development, the children have access to in-house boarding tutors who can help them to work through their homework and address any sticking points as well as to plan their work and offer guidance on how to tackle a project.

We couldn't be happier knowing that Scott is being properly looked after, and really enjoys being a boarder.

Mr Maxwell, father of Scott in S3

Communication between residential staff at the boarding house and parents is a priority and today is mainly done through email and telephone. Parents are also encouraged to stop by for a chat and a coffee with the residential staff at the boarding houses whenever they are in town.  

We would be happy to discuss any specific questions with you and your family about our boarding provision. For more information, please contact

Please note that our Boarding House will be closing in July 2025, however we are still accepting new boarders for 2023/24 and 2024/25.