A Recipe for a Great Christmas

Posted on 15th Dec 2020 in Community, ESMS

MES girls baking Christmas truffles

The Christmas holidays often provide the perfect opportunity to stop and take time out of otherwise busy schedules to enjoy cooking or baking with your family. 

With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations baking can be a very relaxing and meditative activity, as it requires you to completely focus on the task at hand.  You will also have something tasty to enjoy and share with others at the end. 

Mrs Campbell, Head of Home Economics at MES, is known by many ESMS families for her great recipes: 

"Recipes are often passed down from one generation to another and it can often become a family tradition to make a particular recipe each year. If you do not have a family tradition yet, why not create one of your own?"  

If you are looking for something new to try, Mrs Campbell wanted to share her Christmas Pudding Truffle recipe with the ESMS community - a fun and simple recipe for all ages to try that has been popular with pupils since she started teaching. We hope that you also enjoy it! 

Mrs Campbell's Christmas Pudding Truffles 


40g margarine                                                             
8 digestive biscuits                                                     
2 x 15ml spoons coconut                                             
3 x 15ml spoons condensed milk                                  
4 x 5ml spoons drinking chocolate                             
1 glacé cherry                                                             
1 small bar of white chocolate to melt                                             
8 small petit four cases 


Small pan, chopping board, wooden spoon, plate, knife, teaspoon, rolling pin


1. Collect: 
margarine and condensed milk in a small pan
biscuits on your chopping board 
coconut, drinking chocolate & cherry on a plate
2. Warm the margarine and condensed milk until melted. Remove from the heat and place the saucepan on a heatproof surface
3. Crush the digestive biscuits
4. Add the drinking chocolate, coconut and biscuits to the pan 
5. Tip the mixture onto a chopping board and divide into 8 equal portions  
6. Roll into 8 small pudding shapes
7. Place in small paper cases
8. Melt your chocolate in a heatproof bowl sitting on top of a pot of boiling water
9. Keep the pot over a low heat and stir the chocolate until silky smooth
10. Put a little melted chocolate on top of each 'pudding' and place a 1/8th of a cherry on each one!


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