Tips From Our School Officers For Self-Care

Posted on 22nd Jan 2021 in ESMS, Sixth Form

Sixth Former Officers

As the months of lockdown stretch on, it is easy to slip into a rut and neglect our mental health but our School Officers understand the importance of self-care and have reflected on the things that they are doing to boost their moods and stay healthy.

We hope this list gives your family some ideas of things to do to help you relax and keep you all energised.

1. Hamish G

A couple things from me that really helped me through the last lockdown was gardening and my beekeeping. I think that was a really integral part of what kept me going. And films, you cannot go wrong with watching a good film!

2. MES School Captain, Lily B

My lockdown tip is to find something, aside from schoolwork, that makes you feel productive. Something for you. Maybe it’s a personal project or something you’ve been wanting to work on for a while. I think it’s really important to have something that still makes you feel like you’re achieving something which isn’t just schoolwork.

3. Molly O

My tip for getting through lockdown is to try and remember to get outside every day. I think it’s so easy to just forget and end up in your house all day and it’s so good for you to get outside to get some exercise or go on a walk or something.

4. SMC School Captain, Conrad D

Over lockdown, one thing I’ve found is that reading is a great way to have fun and relax.

5. Beth G

My tip for lockdown is to go on lots of walks and keep exercising. And, try to stay in contact with your friends!

6. Howie R

My top tip for surviving lockdown is to try and stick to a routine as it keeps me motivated.

7. Katie G

My lockdown tip is to not get worried or stressed if you feel like you haven’t been productive in the day with schoolwork or revision, just set yourself targets so that you’re able to say you’re on track.

8. Iona M

My tip for surviving another lockdown, or something that has really helped me anyway, (is that) I enjoy going out for a walk every day. Getting out the house every day I think really helps. I find it boosts my moods and helps to shift my mind.

9. Craig B

My tip would be to keep a healthy sleep schedule. Get to bed early enough so that you feel refreshed!

10. Jess D

My lockdown tip is to make sure you get outdoors at least once during the day, even if that’s just for a short walk. It might be really cold but trust me you will feel better after it!

11. Oliver W

One of my tips for surviving lockdown is cooking meals for your family, which is a great skill to learn for university as well.

Thank you to our School Officers for sharing these top tips with us.

We hope some of them might inspire families at home to try something new or incorporate a new element into your daily routine during this lockdown period.

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